Model In the Mirror (Fashion)

from by Nikki Lynette

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Currently licensed to MTV, played on "The Hills"


Model In the Mirror (Fashion)

I like clothes, the new or the old, apparel that's cold, baby anything goes.
I like shoes, pumps, flats, or boots. Nickolas Kirkwoods & Jimmy Choos.
I like bags, that's a must have. Your purse is a statement, it has to match.
I like new, brand new couture, cuz I'm so happy with what I got, I gotta have more.
A bad outfit is like a character assassin, a bullet to the chest & it's all cuz of your fashion.
Swimming in shopping bags every single weekend, and if that's shallow I don't wanna see the deep end. Spend money quick like dj's switching a beat off. Looking cold is hot, so I never turn the heat off.
I'm that kinda girl, that's the kinda girl I am, I'm the girl that's into fashion and the fashion's in demand.

Its all about fashion
we dress to impress more or less, but the truth is you dress to get the proper reaction.
You mix a base with a acid, the chemicals are clashing, that's fashion
I get satisfaction
when I'm all dolled up, bossed up, feeling SO Donald Trump,
its just the law of attraction
You only get what you're projecting, my outfit's a weapon, its my image I'm protecting.
You fight for the fashion you're passionate for, you can't spell wardrobe without the word war.
A bad look now makes a bad first impression, I play it like I'm psychic and prevent it while i'm dressing.
If you don't like it you can judge me it and resent it, but it ain't what you wearing, its about how u present it.
That's the girl I am, man, I'm that kinda girl, I'm the girl that's into fashion cuz the fashion runs the world.

I like clothes, the chic and the bold, clean cut or punk, Glamour mag or the Vogue.
I like shoes, shoes are my vice, cant go without my thigh highs and tights.
I like bags, satchels and totes, hand bags and clutches, you better take note.
I like new, brand new couture cuz i'm so happy with what I got I gottta have more.

Gotta be in style, cuz that's part of my persona, I dont follow trends, I rock whatever I wanna.
Don't care if it costs 200 or if its 2 dollars, if I like it, I wear it, and I do it like a baller.
You can talk about me but can't knock it til you try it, my fashion statements saying you should shut up & be quiet.
I'm that kinda girl, that's the kinda girl I am, I'm the girl thats into fashion and the fashion's in demand.


from The Strong Survive (EP), track released September 14, 2010
Written, produced, and performed by Nikki Lynette
Mixed by Matt Hennessy for VSOP Studios, Chicago



all rights reserved


Nikki Lynette Chicago, Illinois

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